Monday, December 6, 2021


Final Evaluation Report of the Climate Change Project

A Summary Report of International Conferences Attended

Reports of Policy workshops on Climate Change

Report of the First and Second Peer learning workshops with G@W

Report of Inception Meeting with Gender at Works

A Guide to Empowerment of Women on CCA in Rural Communities

Summary Report of Climate Change Project Inception Workshop

A Training Guide on modern farming practices in response to CCA and DRR

Needs Assessment of CCA and DRR interventions identified by the community groups

List of CPIC members in each selected pilot communities for intervention

A Brief Report of Climate Change Situation gathered in the ten Pilot Communities

CPED Research Report on Climate Change Survey

CPED Covid-19 Project Research Report

Summary Report of CPED Policy Workshop on Covid-19 Jan 26 2021

Summary Report of Policy Briefing Meeting with Key stakeholders Held at Constantial Hotel, Airport Road, Benin City, February 18th, 2020

A Brief Report of the Africa Security Conference Held in Rabat, Morocco December 1- 3, 2019

Summary Report of The G@W – IDRC First Peer-Learning Workshop Held at Boma Inn, Nairobi, Kenya, November 26-28, 2019.

Report on 7th International Climate Change and Population Conference on Africa, Accra Metropolitan Assembly Conference Centre, Accra, Held on 12 – 14th November, 2019