Outreach and Interventiion


Beyond action and policy oriented research and its communication activities, our mandate entails implementing intervention activities in our identified areas of policy research. In this context intervention programmes that benefit largely deprived rural communities and other disadvantaged people carried out include:

  • Intervention projects on local participation in development planning;
  • Intervention projects on poverty reduction at the local level particularly in rural communities;
  • Intervention projects on promoting good governance at the grassroots level to hold elected representatives accountable to the people that elect them;
  • Intervention projects on promoting poverty reduction in the Niger Delta region with specific reference to environment, services delivery and good governance;
  • Intervention projects on conflict resolution and peace building in the Niger Delta region;
  • Intervention projects on promoting participation in education at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels by grassroots population, especially on women enrolment;
  • Intervention projects on promoting improved health care delivery to disadvantaged goups, especially in the rural communities across Nigeria; and
  • Intervention projects on control of the spread of HIV/AIDS as well as the care and support of those affected.